A Sober Way Home is undoubtedly one of the best rehab centers in the US and the Jacksonville branch is certainly no different. People who want to turn their lives around and break the chain of alcohol and drug addiction are welcome at this rehab facility. All types of addiction can be treated; from addiction to substances such as heroin, cocaine, crystal meth and prescription drugs such as morphine and Vicodin. The highly experienced personnel of A Sober Way Home Drug Rehab Jacksonville FL is an excellent choice for sufferers of addiction in Florida who want to make a complete U-turn from alcohol and drug addiction.

Brief History of Alcohol/Drug Addiction in Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville, Florida has become a thriving area for drug trafficking of substances such as cocaine and heroin, which are sometimes spiked with other substances that can make them cause a fatal overdose. Statistics show that drug-related deaths rose to 20% in 2017, with prescription drugs responsible for most of these deaths. Although it doesn’t receive the same amount of spotlight, Jacksonville also has an alcohol addiction problem that’s just as widespread. According to Help.org, 20% of “addicts who went to state-funded rehab in 2015 listed “other opiates” except heroin as their primary substance of abuse – that is more than double the national average. It was found that the number of people who went to rehab for alcohol addiction was higher in Florida than in the country as a whole.

An Overview of A Sober Way Home Drug Rehab Jacksonville, FL

Bespoke Hospitality

The Jacksonville alcohol and drug rehab facility is a very beautiful complex that effuses an atmosphere of healing, calmness and rich care. There is a very outdoorsy feel to the entire building with a wooden and glass design that complement each other perfectly and lends to their greater idea of gentle care being received there. Jacksonville is a beautiful city with lovely weather, an element taken full advantage of by A Sober Way Home, Drug Rehab. A lot of the patients like to relax outside under the sun and even some of the therapy sessions take place outside as well, in the fresh air.
The accommodation is lush and the in-house patients enjoy affluent services that rival those received on a high-class vacation. Every element of the patient’s stay is carefully considered, from their clothing to their feeding and relaxation. A Sober Way Home, Drug Rehab Jacksonville believes that comfort is a potent aspect of addiction treatment and rehabilitation.

Expansive Rehab Programs

Rehab has a reputation for a high success rate when it comes to treating patients with addiction. This is because of nothing other than the amount of effort and study that has gone into the operations and procedures followed. In addition to this, the personnel and equipment of the center are first class. You can rest assured that treatment will be carried out under a blanket of safety, privacy and compassion.
The treatment offered at A Sober Way Home is two-pronged; on one hand, there is the withdrawal from the abused substance be it alcohol or drugs and this is referred to as detoxification while on the other hand, there is counseling to ensure that the patient has the mental wherewithal to resist the temptation of ever using again. There are varied combinations of these two major elements which make up the treatment of alcohol and drug addiction. Drugs and other therapeutic methods may be used to reduce the painful symptoms of withdrawal while counseling may be administered in many forms such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), etc.

Easy Payment Plans

Rehab can be an expensive venture, no doubt but the effects of letting addiction go unchecked are infinitely more expensive than treating it. Nevertheless, A Sober Way Home has devised a means of reducing the financial burden of rehab by offering installment payment plans which can allow you to settle your bill over an extended period. The use of insurance is also compatible with the services being offered and if you are insured with companies such as Humana, Medical Mutual, Cigna, etc. availing our services will be hitch-free.

Why You Should Consider A Sober Way Home, Jacksonville

If you or a loved one is suffering from alcohol and drug addiction, there is no reason for you to hesitate before contacting us. We will be very happy to hear from you. You’ll find no better place to help you in your journey to becoming drug and alcohol addiction free. Remember, treatment is not only for the person suffering from addiction, but it is also for everyone who loves and cares about them. We look forward to hearing from you.