A Sober Way Home, located in Ohio, is a treatment facility that offers care to individuals with substance abuse issues and mental health disorders. It is one of the facilities under the A Sober Way Home organization.


The rehab center in Cleveland, Ohio offers treatment for various issues ranging from drug and alcohol addiction. Treatment offered at the rehab center is heavily rooted in 12-step, DBT, CBT, and evidence-based approaches. The rehab provides medical detox services, inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, and counseling to patients 18 years and older. Find out more about the rehab center in Cleveland.


Like its other locations, the treatment facility in Dayton, Ohio offers inpatient treatment, intensive outpatient treatment, medical detox services, partial hospitalization, and aftercare plan to individuals registered at the facility. The foundation of the rehab center is deeply rooted in 12-steps, evidence-based treatment, and a holistic approach. All services are available to clients 18 years and older. Read more about the rehab facility in Dayton.