A Sober Way Home has an extensive network of rehab facilities across the US. There are several treatment centers in Pennsylvania state from which one can choose the most suitable variant.


A Sober Way Home, located in York Pennsylvania, is one of the rehab facilities available across the United States of America. just like in other centers, the treatment offered is solely based on evidence-based practices. A Sober Way Home provides inpatient/outpatient treatment, detox services, and counseling to individuals with substance abuse issues and co-occurring disorders. Find out more about the rehabilitation facility in York.


The facility is a substance addiction treatment center that offers expert care to individuals around Philadelphia. Those suffering from mental disorders and substance abuse can benefit from the treatment offered at this facility. Our facility provides in- and out-patient care, detox, counseling, and many other types of treatment. Learn more about the rehab center in Philadelphia.


A Sober Way Home is an alcohol and drug addiction treatment center that specializes in addiction treatment and comorbid medical, psychological, and emotional needs. The local staff is a group of seasoned professionals with years of experience with the primary objective – return patients back on a healthy life track. Read more about the rehabilitation center in Pittsburgh.