Illegal Drugs And Driving

Drugs took part in 43 percent of fatal crashes in 2015. Both prescription drugs and illegal drugs are counted into […]

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What Not To Do

Having a legal limit is a great deterrent. There is a problem with it though. Legal limits don’t take into […]

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How Can We Help?

The Alabama Sober Way Home is a nonprofit based in the beautiful state of Alabama.We offer designated drivers to those who need them. We are a group of sober and dedicated drivers who want to keep people and the streets safe for those who use them.


We offer a different choice to the dangerous mistakes you can make. Impaired driving should never be a choice, and we are here to help.


The Alabama Sober Way Home collaborates with all popular bars and nightlife. If you need a ride just ask your bartender to give us a call. That way you know you are doing what you can to keep the city safe.

What Is A Blood Alcohol Level?

A Blood Alcohol Level (BAC) is the amount of alcohol in your bloodstream. If a person is arrested for drunk driving and it is above the legal limit, then it is evidence to use against them. There are many ways to find the BAC, but most often is a breathalyzer.

What Is The Punishment For Drunk Driving?

Every state has its own laws when it comes to being convicted for drunk driving. There are always stiff fines and sometimes jail time even for first offenders. Loss of driving privilege for at least 30 days is to be expected.

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