Xanax is an efficient benzodiazepine for panic disorders, generalized anxiety disorder and insomnia. Unfortunately, the misuse of the drug and even using it as prescribed for more extended periods of time can lead to xanax addiction.

Xanax Addiction

Xanax is a highly addictive drug and tolerance for this medication develops quickly. The user would need more and more alprazolam to get the expected effects, leading to an addiction. An individual with an addiction to this drug might use up to 30 pills a day.

When trying to stop this drug cold turkey, the user might experience withdrawal symptoms, such as insomnia, restlessness, anxiety and tremors. The presence of withdrawal effects is a clear sign of alprazolam dependence. Without medical supervision, Xanax withdrawal symptoms can be fatal.

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There is a thin line between abuse and addiction. People abusing the drug at certain times or on occasions might be able to stop alprazolam use at any moment. People who have developed a habit of this drug cannot control the urge to continue taking it to get the Xanax high.

There is a high chance for addiction to occur when the person is using the drug too frequently or abuses large amounts of the medication. Even patients who take the Xanax dosage precisely as prescribed can develop an addiction to this drug if the treatment extends for a more extended period or if alprazolam is taken with other drugs that can intensify its effects.


Signs And Symptoms Of Xanax Addiction

  • Avoiding tasks for which the person needs prolonged attention
  • Inability to quit taking alprazolam no matter how hard the person tries
  • No more interest in activities the person once enjoyed
  • Thinking only about using and obtaining the drug
  • Engaging in risk-taking behaviors, for example, driving while on alprazolam
  • Craving the drug
  • Refilling prescriptions more often than expected
  • The user relies on the drug to relax or enjoy themselves
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when the individual runs out of alprazolam
  • The user has several prescriptions from different doctors
  • Using the drug even if it causes social problems or relationship issues

Causes of Xanax Addiction

Alprazolam addiction is caused by several factors that work together. There is not a single cause that can be pinpointed for causing dependence.

Drug-Induced Depression

Brain neurotransmitters

Xanax decreases the excitement which is sent via the neurotransmitters in the brain. That is why people who have a hereditary tendency towards an increased level of neurotransmitters will seek methods to make excitement drop, leading them to self-medicate with this drug.


The door towards Xanax addiction is usually opened by a co-existing mental illness. That is why people who struggle with an undiagnosed or undertreated mental illness are more prone to turning to alcohol and drugs to be able to manage their disorder symptoms.



People with a parent or a close relative who is struggling with addiction to substances have high chances of developing an addiction to alprazolam. Although the genetic factor is not a dependable indicator, it definitely represents a higher risk.


People who grow up surrounded by an unstable, toxic home environment, where substance abuse was modeled by a parent, are more prone to develop drug abuse later in life.

Dangers of Xanax Abuse

When a user abuses alprazolam for a long period, it affects the brain to the point where it is no longer able to operate effectively without the drug. Xanax also affects the thought process, emotional responses, consciousness, memory and muscular coordination.
Alprazolam not only impacts the quality and life of the users, but also the lives of the ones around them. Addiction can fracture relationships with friends and family, as the user prefers to spend time getting the drug or recovering from the drug. Xanax recreational use can also lead to financial hardships, as the person addicted can no longer keep or get a job.
The health dangers related to alprazolam addition revolve around aggression, depression, psychotic episodes, and hallucinations. As tolerance installs, the user needs increasing amounts of the drug to prevent Xanax withdrawal symptoms, and this can easily lead to overdose and even accidental death.

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Treatment of Xanax Addiction

A Sober Way Home is a modern rehab center that not only offers treatment for Xanax addiction, but also to any underlying condition, such as depression or anxiety. Each patient will have created a personalized treatment plan after an initial free assessment with one of the center’s professionals. The expert will determine the cause that led to addiction, helping the patient learn how to solve that issue and prevent future relapse.

Some of the programs offered by the A Sober Way Home include cognitive behavioral therapy, which is focused on helping the patient learn healthy coping strategies. By understanding what caused the Xanax addiction, while gradually getting rid of the drug in the system, the patient can benefit from a successful rehab process.
Some patients need detox, which takes longer for alprazolam compared to other drugs, as the medication has to be slowly tapered off. During the detox process, the patient does not need any other medication to help him throughout the program.

A Sober Way Home is ready to help anyone who wants to get rid of xanax addiction, offering individuals the chance to recover in a welcoming environment and with a treatment tailored according to their needs. Choosing to detox on your own can be dangerous.
We are here to answer any questions that you might have regarding this process and to help you get back the control over your life.

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