A Sober Way Home, located in Sioux, Iowa, is a rehabilitation facility that treats individuals suffering from chemical dependency issues and co-occurring disorders. It is one of many branches available across the United States under the A Sober Home Franchise.
The Iowa location offers care to all individuals, adolescents, and adults suffering from mental health and addiction issues. A Sober Way Home provides residential treatment, outpatient treatment, partial hospitalization treatment, medical detox services, and counseling, and more to individuals.

Addiction in Sioux, Iowa

Based on statistics, more than 300 individuals living in Iowa died from opioid or an opioid overdose in the year 2018. With these numbers, a simple calculation shows that an average of 1 people died daily in Iowa due to drug overdose. Reports also show that the number of deaths is set to increase at a rate of 6% per year.

Accommodation and Feeding

The A Sober Way Home in Sioux, Iowa offers a big house situated on a beautiful property, which is big enough to accommodate a good number of patients. Within the facility, there are multiple wings that separate adolescents, adult men, and adult women from each other. All spaces are available to individuals registered into the dual diagnosis and inpatient addiction treatment program. The Sioux rehab center also offers a medically monitored detoxification unit that has the capacity to house up to 20 individuals. This unit is specifically for clients who need detox treatment, and will be there for only 3 to 7 days.

All spaces offered are gender specific. The Sioux, Iowa rehab center prohibits the use of alcohol containing products, sharp items, and more. A list will be provided on-site on registration that contains all prohibited items. A search will be conducted when individuals are admitted to make sure all rules were adhered to. Laundry services are provided on-site to all patients. Patients are allowed to bring basic toiletries, although the Sioux rehabilitation center offers basic personal hygiene items. Clients can use hospital phones but only during designated times.

All rooms offer all the required basic amenities like wardrobes, beds, storage, dressers, and more.
Meals are served in a cafeteria style and are carefully prepared by an on-site chef. The food menu is curated by the chef and a team of nutritionists who emphasize healthy meals and accommodate dietary restrictions.

Treatment Practices at a Sober Way Home in Sioux, Iowa

A Sober Way Home, Sioux, Iowa offers multiple programs to clients registered at the facility. The Iowa rehabilitation center provides individualized treatment options and plans to individuals. These treatment plans consist of a free face-to-face immediate assessment, which may last for up to 45 minutes depending on the patient. This assessment is done by a mental health professional. If after the evaluation the client requires detox, a medically assisted detoxification commences and it can last for up to 7 days. After completion of the medically assisted detox program, clients will then be placed in a primary program. This primary program can either be inpatient, partial hospitalization, or intensive outpatient program. All programs are also offered to individuals suffering from a co-occurring disorder or seek mental health counseling sessions.

Adolescents can also get treatment at A Sober Way Home, as the Iowa rehab location offers inpatient treatment programs to young adults. The inpatient program includes home-schooling where all teachers are state-certified. The typical duration of stay is a month, after which they usually enroll into a less intense program. Treatment options provided at the Sioux, Iowa location include:

  • Inpatient Treatment
  • Intensive Outpatient Treatment
  • Partial Hospitalization
  • Detox Treatment

Therapy Treatment Offerings

The drug rehab centre in Sioux, Iowa offers a myriad of treatment and therapy options to all clients registered at the facility. The facility offers recreational therapy in the form of fun activities such as basketball, table tennis, and more. The Sioux center offers a basketball court and fitness center (gym).

Individuals are advised to engage in various forms of therapy and counseling sessions including recreational, art, music, and meditational therapy. The 12-step program is the foundation of all treatment offered. Therapy options offered at the Sioux, Iowa location include:

  • Art therapy
  • Music therapy
  • Dialectical Behavioral therapy
  • Recreation therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioral therapy
  • Relapse prevention
  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy

Accreditation and Pricing

A Sober Way Home, Sioux, Iowa offers a sliding scale method of payment to adolescents and adults without insurance coverage. The Sioux rehab center is fully accredited by JCAHO and CARF. Clients are advised to call and confirm that treatment is covered in their insurance. The facility also accepts out-of-pocket payments, as well as, deductibles. Some insurance plans accepted include;

  • Medicare
  • Aetna
  • Humana
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Medicaid
  • United Healthcare

Staff at a Sober Way Home in Sioux, Iowa

The staff at a Sober Way Home comprises of expert staff including licensed social workers, psychiatrists and therapists with masters-degree, therapists, doctors, and a host of other clinical staff.

Choosing A Sober Way Home

A Sober Way Home in Sioux, Iowa is particular about involving the families of loved ones in treatment. Family programs are available and the rehab center encourages loved ones to take advantage of it.

The Iowa rehab facility believes that every patient is unique and as such, all treatments are tailored to fit individual needs.

If yourself or a loved one is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, contact A Sober Way Home in Sioux, Iowa today. Counselors and nurses are available 24/7 to provide immediate care and offer assistance.