What Happens After Getting Arrested For Drunk Driving?

Getting arrested for driving under the influence has a lot of consequences. A lot of those consequences involve money. Money that would be better spent if you weren’t foolish enough to drive while impaired.

If you want to be able to drive on the road again, it’s going to be a costly ride.

There are fees, fines, and court appearances to make. You might have to go to DUI school which costs money or even go get evaluated to see if you have a drinking problem. If you do, you might be required to get treatment.

There is also the risk of higher insurance premiums to pay. Many states have interlocking devices installed on your vehicle. That is when they require you to have a breathalyzer to turn on your car.

Here is what usually happens if you are caught drunk driving.


Arrested and Booked

If you are found to have been drunk driving, you will be arrested and driven to the nearest police station. They will take your fingerprints and a mug shot, and you will now be in the system.

Some states you can leave after that. Other states require you to stay in a cell and sober up for a certain amount of time.


Court Appearance

There will be a ticket or summons handed to you when you get arrested. This means you have to appear in court to talk about your drunk driving.


Losing Your Drivers License

Getting convicted of drunk driving means you will at least have a license suspension. This can last from 30 days to a year. You might have to go to driving school to get your license back. If you refuse to do a sobriety test when arrested, that can also make you less likely to have your license.


Fines To Pay

There is always a fine for driving while drunk. There are minimum and maximum fines in every state. If you injure someone or their property, harm a child, or endanger a child due to your actions that can increase the fine.

Many states make you pay court costs due to your DUI as well. This is meant to be a deterrent for those who consider driving while drunk.


Higher Insurance Rates

Your insurance premiums will undoubtedly go up if you are convicted of drunk driving. You may also be required to fill out an SR22 form which will also increase your rates.


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