A Sober Way Home is a nationwide network of rehab facilities. A Sober Way Home Drug Rehab Miami FL is one of the busiest of these centers because of the peculiar nature of drug and alcohol abuse prevalent in Miami, Florida. It is no secret that Miami has been a drug trafficking hub for many decades and consequently has a high percentage of the population addicted to drugs and alcohol. If you or your loved one, have unfortunately fallen victim to this epidemic, A Sober Way Home is the best place for treatment and turn your life around.

Quick Facts about Alcohol/Drug Addiction in Miami, Florida

According to the National Drug Early Warning System, NDEWS, drug use in Miami has been steadily climbing since the turn of the last decade. Illicit substances such as cocaine, heroin, benzodiazepine, methamphetamine, non-pharmaceutical fentanyl among many others have been abused extensively and increasingly over the past decade. A lot of the overdoses in Miami indicate that more than one drug was present in the deceased at the time of death. All this shows that people who need rehab have hope because they are still alive. This is where A Sober Way Home Drug Rehab Miami FL comes into the picture to provide the best rehabilitation anyone.

The situation is not better when it comes to alcohol abuse. There is a huge number alcohol drinkers from 12 to 20 years of age in Miami with over half of them engaging in binge drinking. In 2006, people who were admitted to emergency rooms (a quarter of all emergency cases) for alcohol-related problems were seeking detox. Young adults aged 18-25 years report the highest rates of binge drinking in Miami at almost a third of the entire population of drinkers.

An Overview of A Sober Way Home Drug Rehab Miami, FL

Sophisticated Hospitality

It is easy to forget that the Miami alcohol and drug rehab facility is a rehab center because it could look like a resort to an undiscerning eye. Such is the level of sophistication of the treatment being offered. The décor is plush and luxurious. The food is sumptuous and highly tailored to the individual tastes of the patients. The care and attention of the rehab staff is compassionate and unfailing. The surroundings are always clean and peaceful which is extremely important to the rehabilitation process. Miami is a beautiful city that attracts a lot of tourists. There is no reason why addiction treatment cannot be as refreshing as taking a vacation from a stressful life and this is exactly what some of the patients at A Sober Way Home, Drug Rehab came to do.

Comprehensive Rehab Programs

Rehab is both a science and an art that is continuously being tweaked and improved. A Sober Way Home, Drug Rehab takes the pain to constantly reevaluate the methods being used for rehabilitation to make sure that the patients get not only the best care but the most efficient one. To achieve this, the staff of A Sober Way Home, Drug Rehab are some of the very best at their jobs and the center uses high tech equipment for all diagnoses and treatments.
Rehab, in general, is a two-stage process, the first being detoxification and the second being counseling. Detox involves returning the body to a drug and/or alcohol-free state by stopping the introduction of these substances to it for a period of time during which the body gets rid of all traces of the substances. Counseling involves training the patient’s mind so that they will not revert to their old habits after they leave the facility. It can also be a way of training the patient to deal with the painful process of withdrawal and not give in to the temptation of the temporary relief of using drugs/alcohol again.

Easy Payment Plans

A Sober Way Home is not oblivious to the fact that the families of patients that need treatment sometimes simply cannot afford rehab as an upfront payment. To alleviate this problem, there are many payment solutions available to the patient or their family that would allow them to pay in smaller chunks over a longer period. If you have insurance, that is great news as A Sober Way Home has affiliations with most of the big insurance companies such as Humana, Medical Mutual, Cigna, etc.

Why You Should Consider A Sober Way Home, Miami

If you or a loved one is suffering from alcohol and drug addiction, all hope is not lost. Don’t despair, just give us a call and we will be very happy to hear from you. The journey to becoming addiction-free is a long and arduous one to try to go on but with the help of A Sober Way Home, you are bound to make it through. Don’t forget, not only the addicted needs treatment, everyone who loves them do. We look forward to hearing from you.