Is It Safe To Smoke Marijuana While Driving?

A lot of people believe that marijuana is safe to take while driving. It is considered a “soft” drug that doesn’t harm your abilities. This is not the case. Marijuana is known to impair judgment, motor skills, concentration, and slow your reaction time.

Specifically for drivers studies have been made. The research shows that marijuana changes the driver’s concentration and perception of time and distance. This means they may be drowsy, distracted, have poor speed control. It can also make it hard for them to read road signs correctly.


Crash Chances Increase

There is a clear link between THC concentrations in the blood and driving impaired. Risk of a crash that can have injury or fatality actually doubles after using marijuana. It can increase the risk of a crash by 12.5 percent.

If there is an accident and one of the drivers has high levels of THC then they are more likely to be at fault for the accident. If marijuana is smoked and alcohol consumed together, then the risk of an accident is even higher. The effect on driving skills is even more apparent.


Driving Stoned Is Now All Too Common

Since marijuana is known as a safe drug and marketed as such, people don’t always understand the risk. They assume and even argue that it doesn’t affect their driving. This is obviously not true as marijuana is known to be a mind-altering drug.

Drugs and alcohol are behind fatal crashes for drivers 11 percent of the time. There is a large increase in drivers who test positive for marijuana. One in four drivers tested has THC in their system.

This is thought to be the case because of the recent legalization of marijuana. It is also just a popular drug to take that people feel safe using.

Many drivers try and claim that they drive better when using marijuana. Research says maybe that can be true for a few minutes but attention will wander and it doesn’t last for long.

The research that tells us all this isn’t without its errors though. THC can be picked up in the blood even when someone hasn’t used it recently. If they smoked the day before or even two days ago, it is possible to test positive for THC.

Even though the research isn’t foolproof, it still shows that driving while the stone is impaired driving. Impaired driving is never safe.