What Is A Blood Alcohol Level?

A Blood Alcohol Level (BAC) is the amount of alcohol in your bloodstream. If a person is arrested for drunk driving and it is above the legal limit, then it is evidence to use against them. There are many ways to find the BAC, but most often is a breathalyzer.

Can I Refuse A Breathalyzer?

It is different based on states. But usually, if you refuse a breathalyzer, it is a criminal offense and is taken very seriously. If you are proven to have been drunk refusing the breathalyzer can increase your fines and punishment.

What If I Lose My License But Still Drive?

If you have your license suspended or revoked for being convicted of drunk driving you shouldn’t drive. If you are caught driving there are even more severe consequences. There are heavier fines and even imprisonment or loss of license for good.

What Is The Punishment For Drunk Driving?

Every state has its own laws when it comes to being convicted for drunk driving. There are always stiff fines and sometimes jail time even for first offenders. Loss of driving privilege for at least 30 days is to be expected.

How Do I Get To Work If I Can’t Drive?

Most likely you will have to depend on public transportation to get around. If you’re lucky then friends and family can be there to help you. There are rare cases where you can get a hardship license to drive to and from work. But if you’re caught driving outside your boundaries, you can create even more problems for yourself.

How Can I Beat A Drunk Driving Charge?

The best way to avoid this is to keep from driving drunk, to begin with. Don’t ruin your life or someone else’s by driving drunk.


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