Effects Of Drunk Driving On Your Insurance

Insurance rates go up at even the tiniest of fender benders. That makes it no surprise that they will go up an alarming rate if you are convicted of drunk driving. If you are convicted insurance will not be as cheap as it once was.

SR22 Laws By State

Laws as always are different by state, but if convicted all states have a 30-day license suspension. That means for thirty days to a year you are suspended from driving a vehicle. If you are caught doing so, you can be fined or arrested.

To retrieve your license and be able to drive most states have you fill out a mandatory SR22 form. This form provides proof that you have motor liability insurance. The insurance company is told by law that they have to tell the department of motor vehicles if your insurance lapses or cancels.

Insurance Premiums Can Potentially Triple

Insurance companies will decide you are a high-risk driver if you have to provide an SR22 form. This will make your insurance premium increase. This is even truer if you used to have a safe driver discount.

It’s important to shop around for insurance if you are convicted of drunk driving. Many companies will have different prices because it depends on what they charge.

Not All Insurance Companies Will Offer SR22

Some insurance companies don’t want the liability that comes with having an SR22 driver on their roster. If that is the case with the company you currently have they will most likely cancel your policy if you are convicted.

Then you will have to find an insurance company that has one. The rates will, of course, go up more because you have a cancellation in your insurance history.

Luckily, some states do have protections in place. Some states don’t allow insurance companies to cancel your policy before the term expires. This is why it is important to know the laws in the state that you live in.

How Long Will Insurance Rates Stay Increased?

All states have different laws, but most of the time a drunk driving conviction can affect your insurance rates for three years.

How Can You Avoid Increased Insurance Rates?

The only way to avoid these increases is by not driving. If you walk or take public transportation, you can wait out the time it takes for the rates to go down.

What is the best way to avoid insurance increases due to drunk driving? Don’t drive drunk.