Drugs And Driving

Drugs took part in 43 percent of fatal crashes in 2015. Both prescription drugs and illegal drugs are counted into this number. Many people don’t think of drugs when they think of a DUI, but they make up a huge part of it.

Driving Under the Influence is more than alcohol, any substance is impairing it. In 2017 more people were charged with a DUI for driving while on drugs than because of alcohol intoxication.

This can be just as dangerous as drunk driving.

Prescription Medications And Driving

People don’t really think about it when they drive while taking prescription drugs. They often drive when taking many common different medications. Some medications even say not to drive while taking them on the bottle. Many people do not heed those warnings.

There are side effects for prescription drugs that are similar to alcohol effects. They include:

–    Anxiety

–    Blurred vision

–    Dizziness

–    Drowsiness

–    Fainting

–    Impaired coordination

–    Slow reaction time

Not everyone who uses prescription drugs does so legally. Many take them for recreational purposes or abuse them. This means they might be careless with their use while driving.

If someone mixes medications, they can have dangerous side effects. Especially if not told to by a doctor. This can increase the chances of a fatal accident.

It is too easy to think prescription drugs are safe. This is because they are used every day by many people. Prescription drugs are even marketed to make users think they’re safe. This can lead to some confusion.

Prescription drugs alter the mind just as alcohol and other drugs do. That is why they can be dangerous and impair your driving.

Illegal Drugs And Driving

Illegal drugs should not be taken while someone is driving. It is intensely dangerous and unsafe. The drug doesn’t have to be used while in the car. If you’ve taken a drug like meth, cocaine, or heroin, the effects can still impair your driving hours later.

You are putting people in danger by driving after using illegal drugs. The chance for a fatal accident goes way up.

For some addicts they use drugs right before driving so they don’t have to wait for their high. They might be so addicted they can’t stand waiting the length it takes to drive. They may be trying to fight off withdrawal because it has been so long since they’ve used.

Using heroin while driving is disgustingly common in the United States. This is the case even with other people in the car, including the addicts’ own children

It isn’t just heroin that can be a problem though. Marijuana also can cause impaired driving and lower your reaction speed.

There is a zero tolerance driving standard for driving under the influence of drugs in the United States. You are putting yourself in danger by using illegal drugs. Remember that you are endangering everyone else who is on the road if you use drugs and then decide to drive.