A Sober Way Home offers premium and quality care to those suffering from drug or alcohol addiction in Bloomington, Indiana. The expertise of the staff is second to none as it extends over alcohol addictions and all manners of addiction to illicit drugs such as heroin, cocaine, crystal meth and prescription drugs such as morphine, Vicodin and Ritalin. A Sober Way Home Drug Rehab Bloomington IN is the best choice for sufferers of addiction in Indiana who are ready to take the important step on the road to recovery.

Brief Stats on Alcohol/Drug Addiction in Bloomington, Indiana

According to a survey by SAMHSA, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, concluded in 2015, in Indiana, almost 50,000 adolescents from 12 to 17 years used illicit drugs within the month before being surveyed in 2013/2014. They make up 8.5% of all adolescents in the state. Similarly, over 110,000 adolescents from 12 to 20 years used alcohol excessively within the month before being surveyed in the same period and they made up 14.1% of the people within this age group. This is an alarming number in the young adult population suffering from drug and alcohol addiction and therefore there is a need for a facility like A Sober Way Home drug rehab, Bloomington to help with their treatment and rehabilitation.

An Overview of A Sober Way Home Drug Rehab Bloomington, IN

High class Environment

The Bloomington alcohol and drug rehab facility is a lovely edifice which presents a calming and soothing feel. The interior is plush and luxurious while being just as soothing and soft. There are mini gardens at almost every corner with glass that lets in a lot of natural light. Situated in the suburbs, it is far away from noise pollution and other toxic fumes that saturate the city.

The service is comparable to high-end hotels with careful attention paid to every detail. For example, every patient gets their own room and their food is prepared solely for them according to their personal taste. A Sober Way Home, Drug Rehab Bloomington believes that such an environment as this is very important for speedy treatment and rehabilitation.

Expansive Rehab Programs

The Bloomington Rehab goes to great lengths to ensure that the staff are not only highly trained in the most tried and true methods of alcohol and drug addiction treatment but are also compassionate, patient and understanding people. Treatment at A Sober Way Home is one of mutual trust and no judgment. This treatment is two-pronged, one being withdrawal from the abused substance be it alcohol or drugs and the other being counseling to make sure the patient can abstain from them on their own. Various combinations of these two key elements are what make up the treatment of alcohol and drug addiction. Drugs and other methods may be used to mitigate the painful symptoms of withdrawal while counseling may take the form of any of many types of therapy sessions like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), animal therapy etc.

Easy Payment Plans

Rehab is an essential treatment that can’t be substituted with anything else and so it is crucial to get it when it is needed. We understand that paying for rehab may be a challenge for some because it can be quite time-intensive. This is why A Sober Way Home Alcohol Rehab Bloomington has made it easy for people to pay for rehab with some payment options that may save them from the blow of a big bill.

A Sober Way Home Alcohol Rehab Bloomington accepts installment payments which can be spread out into months or even years depending on the circumstances. All major credit cards are also accepted and of course, you can go the route of paying cash as well. We are also affiliated with Medicare and other private insurance companies such as Humana, Medical Mutual, Cigna, United Health Care, CoreSource, Amerihealth and many more.

Why You Should Consider A Sober Way Home, Bloomington Rehab

Considering all the factors above, it should be an easy choice to come to A Sober Way Home Drug Rehab Bloomington for treatment of drug and alcohol addiction. Don’t wait till things get worse before taking the bold step or helping your loved one take the bold step of seeking help via rehab. It may be the turning point in your life or theirs. We are ever ready to offer our services and you should not hesitate to contact us if you could use our help especially if you live in the Bloomington area of Indiana. We look forward to hearing from you.