This stage is open to all clients who have successfully completed our Transitional Program, and are approved by A Sober Way Home Staff.  The client in Sober Living must have 6 months of sobriety, at least one AA/NA commitment, and a full time job.  Sober Living clients are required to follow all house rules, do daily chores, attend house meetings, be a leader and example to the newcomers, and remain involved in the recovery community in Prescott, AZ.  A sober living space is provided to all sober living clients, however, they must take responsibility, as they would in the real world for all their own transportation and food costs.

Our sober living program is closed to those who have not completed treatment.  This exclusive policy allows us to help those who have done the work together, stay together.  It is the power of this peer support alongside the structure and direct accountability of the house standards and housing staff that sets the stage for independent living, stability and eventual self-sufficiency.