The growth and learning that can occur through work with horses is extremely valuable. Research currently reveals that the human animal bond can enhance a person’s life on many levels including emotional growth, increasing concentration levels, boosting self confidence, anxiety reduction, and increasing self-efficacy. Equine assisted therapy has shown evidenced-based efficacy in clients with substance use and co-occurring disorders, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, and other mental health disorders. Horses are able to sense the full range of emotions in the humans that they interact with. Due to this, horses become a client’s therapeutic mirror. Clients are able to gain important insight from horses which can significantly add to the therapeutic process.


Lori Kidd - A Sober Way HomeLori Kidd, EAGALA (Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association) certified, has had a passion for horses for 30 years. After years of training and competing with horses, she has now shifted her focus to utilizing the healing power of horses with the clients she works with. Tubridge Ranch, Inc. was developed with the mission to provide equine assisted therapy and learning to a variety of populations. Lori is the primary equine therapist for Tubridge Ranch.





Dale Ryder - A Sober Way HomeEAGALA is a longstanding organization committed to training mental health professionals to effectively administer equine therapy. Dale Ryder, LCSW, Clinical Supervisor of A Sober Way Home is also EAGALA certified. Together, Lori and Dale will administer equine therapy to the clients of A Sober Way Home under the EAGALA model.